How To Improve your Pay Per Click Campaigns?

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Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is considered as one of the best way to drive more traffic on your site but even after that, many small businesses make so many mistakes to undermine the campaigns.

PPC allows marketers to to specify an specific amount that they are willing to pay for for each click. Though, this might look simple, still many novices commit many mistakes which generate little keywords.

Check out these commonly performed Pay Per Click Management mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1. Avoid broad match keyword The most common mistake that the new advertiser make is avoiding the difference among selecting the specific keywords match types and target all the broad match keyword. Undoubtedly, broad match keywords allows you with lots of exposure but along with that, it also brings many irrelevant traffic to the site. To avoid spending money on unnecessary clicks, make sure to target the exact match keyword.

Mistake #2. Include negative keywords as well Most of the PPC marketers almost forget to target the negative keywords. This allows you to specify those areas which are not suppose to show your ads. Say for example, if you are targeting show idea keyword and the search term is wedding gift idea, then of course this will not bring the relevant traffic and in such case, ‘Wedding’, ‘gift’, ‘idea’ could be placed as the negative keywords. This will help to remove all the irrelevant or unnecessary traffic coming to your site.

Mistake #3. Match landing pages to ads Sending any of your visitors coming from a PPC campaign on your site to a landing page which is irrelevant, works nothing than just to disrupt the sales fact, not only this but it could also allow you with the assessment of the poor quality scores. This simply implies that you will have to pay more for every click and the return you will get will only be less than than the higher scores. For implementing top Landing Page Optimization and ignoring the irrelevant ads, it is better to reduce the number of keywords to target. This will allow you to make the landing pages more relevant.

Mistake #4. Check your ad copy Writing an effective ad copy is one of the most challenging. And it will be difficult unless you don't test variety of versions of the ad so that you could determine which ad works the best. Because not testing the best performing one won't be able to enhance the ROI of your practices. Most of the PPC platforms even provides you with the facility to go through the split test which rotates various ads for all your targeted keywords. This also allows you to adjust your setting, this means you can than serve your ads randomly as per the platform and can get more clicks than ever.

Mistake #5. Measure your ROI To manage your PPC campaign effectively and improve ROI, you have to know that how, when and which click is generating more result. You can also get this data free, you simply have to time your account to Google Analytics for this. This will allow you to know which ad is bringing visitor and which brings conversion.